Who We Are

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All-American – Performance Driven Precision.

It’s in our name and serves as the foundation of our product line. HPR stands for “High Precision (down)Range.” In short, HPR Ammo is not your ordinary round. HPR Ammo is:

All-American – Our ammunition is proudly made by U.S. citizens in Payson, Arizona
Performance Driven – Velocity, accuracy, consistency. We offer custom hand load performance at competitive prices.
Load-Specific– Every load is developed for a specific purpose with the optimum balance of velocity and accuracy.

We believe that Your Gun Deserves Better (so much so, it’s on our box). HPR Ammo serves two types of customer:

• The performance-oriented gun owner or shooting enthusiast. Many are young, tactical shooters and often current or former military or law enforcement who demand superior performance and aren’t satisfied with cheap guns and cheap ammo.

• The new gun owner frustrated with lackluster performance, cycling issues, or simply spending too much time gun cleaning. Eager to get to the next level, they’re in sticker shock at the jump between the “cheap stuff” and the good stuff.

In both cases, our customers tend to be passionately loyal to their gun brand, but not to their ammo. HPR is rapidly changing that, and the HPR movement is gaining momentum.

Why Choose HPR?

Range owners’ love HPR because it’s clean burning and reduces airborne lead contamination, and range officers spend less time with cycling problems, which lets them turn customers faster for higher profits. But don’t be confused. The “Range” in HPR does not stand for “shooting range” but instead for “down-range.” Whether punching paper indoors, shooting MOA groups at 1,000 yards, tying your tag to the trophy of a lifetime in the wild, or neutralizing an imminent threat at home, what occurs down-range is what matters most. And our focus on precision starts at the top – the founders of the company include a former U.S. Navy pilot, an aeronautical engineer who worked on the F-22 Raptor fighter jet’s propulsion system, and shooting aficionados. One of the world’s best pistol shooters, Matt McLearn, is the load development subject matter expert. Being precise is a way of life for us and we’re confident you’ll notice the HPR difference.

Custom Hand Load Performance at Competitive Prices – HPR Ammo is not your ordinary round.  Our “custom hand load performance” philosophy permeates every (from thought process to finished product) load we make. And our Load-specific development, where we develop each caliber differently, affords HPR shooters a truly unique experience. Each round is meticulously engineered to the exacting standards of champion shooters and perfected by our ballisticians. Throughout production, each lot is sampled, measured and test fired to ensure consistency and accuracy within HPR’s precision protocols. Every round is chamber gauged and hand inspected by U.S. citizens to ensure only the finest products ever make it into your firearm.. Be confident recommending HPR to your customers because it offers them the confidence to dominate downrange.

Why USA, Why Arizona?
Other countries may be able to produce products cheaper at the expense of quality and the outsourcing of good American jobs. We are of the mindset that American quality and American jobs are much more important and we are dedicated to helping restore the America that our founding fathers fought for.

The company looked long and hard in selecting the location of our ammunition manufacturing facility. After all was said and done, the town management of Payson, Arizona brought us in and we are now pleased to call this lovely Arizona Rim Country our home. We are the first manufacturing facility to locate in Payson in more than a decade and we hope to quickly grow and become the pride of the community. This is a true Win/Win for American Jobs and High Quality.

Manufacturing helped bring America out of the Great Depression; we hope that you will recognize our commitment to American jobs helping to prosper our economy once again.

HPR Ammunition is proudly manufactured by Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC
Payson, Arizona

Tel. 928-468-0223